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When we came across WP Clone, we instantly fell in love with it’s simplicity and ease of use (and the fact that it is free!).

However, it’s a pity that it didn’t get updated & maintained in a while. Therefore, we reached out to its creator, Marc from WP Academy, acquired the plugin, and thereby took on the responsibility to breath new life into it!

After investigating we realized that updating the exiting WP Clone would run into a mess – hence we decided to create a new plugin from scratch, which will carry on the spirit of WP Clone: simple, fast & free for basic backup & migration tasks.

And we’re so happy we finally released the free version, which you can install from the WordPress directory.

About IMG
About IMG

What will happen to WP Clone? Well, there are still several use cases which could make it complement the new plugin. More about that later.

For now, please have a look at the free plugin and if you like it, we’re always very happy for a good review here, and if you face any issues, please open a support thread so that we can fix whatever it is. And if you want to pre-order the premium version, that’s a great idea too! ;)

Thank you!